Corrugator Machines

  • Max speed 180mpm
  • Max width 2.2M
  • Consistant speed job changing with Consistant quality
  • Consistant glue line application (glue machine auto adjust glue gap)
  • High speed wet end paper roll splicer setup automation
BHS Corrugator (Shanghai)
Item Spec.
Max Capacity 4,000 MT / 8,000,000 M2
Max Speed 180 MPM
Max Roll Width 2,200 MM
Min Roll Width 1,100 MM
Max Length 3,560 MM
Min Board Length 500 MM
Max Board Out 5 Out
Max Board Out 1 Out
Flute Type A, B, E, BA & EB

Printing Machines

  • Max speed with 300pcs/min
  • Computer servo motion control system with touch screen display
  • Fully auto flexo floder gluer with rotary die-cut
  • 4 color printing with doctor chamber blade inking system
  • Design with vacuum transfer for consistant printing registration
  • Glue system with Valco ejection
Sunrise Printer (Taiwan)
Item Spec.
Max Capacity 1,200 MT
Color 4 Colors
Doctor Blade Yes
Vacuum Transfer Yes
Rotary Die-Cut Yes
Max Sheet 1,150 x 2,700 MM
Min Sheet 340 c 750 MM
Max Speed 300 PCS/Min

Other Machines

  • One unit of 4 Color Flexo Printer (Plus Energy)
  • 2 units of 4 Color Flexo Printer (Chyan Jye)
  • 2 units of 4 Color Jumbo Printer (Plus Energy)

Eterna Machines

  • 2 units auto flaten die-cut with stripping
  • 2 units semi auto flaten die-cut with stripping
  • Max sheet size length 1620mm x width 1200mm
  • Fast setup with side chase loader
Eterna (Shang Hai)
Item Spec.
Max Capacity 800 MT
Max Cutting Size 1,600 x 1,180 MM
Max Sheet Size 1,620 x 1,200 MM
Min Sheet Size 650 x 450 MM
Max Speed 5,000 Passes/Hr

Slitter & Scorer Machines

(1,900 MM / 2,500 MM)

Gluer Machines

  • Semi auto folder gluer with quick setup and able to run max speed 200 pcs / min
Oshitani (Japan)
Item Spec.
Max Width 340 MM
Min Width 250 MM
Max Length 600 MM
Min Length 350 MM
Min Sheet Width 700 MM
Max Speed 300 MM

Stitcher Machines

Two Joint Semi-auto Stitcher Model GTS 3000 (3,000 MM)
Semi-auto Stitcher Model GS 202
Manual Arm Stitcher
Semi-auto Gluer Model AS-008

Sample Making Machines

Sample Maker Machine Model DT-3000
Sample Maker Machine Model AOKE DC2 1713

Packaging Division Products

Corrugated Carton Boxes
Corrugated Carton Boxes
Nestings / Fittings / Dividers / Layer Pads